Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Perfect Gift.....For A Smasher......

I think it is important to show your gratitude by sending a thank you for those who have given you something, helped you with something, or just maybe even for being a great friend!  For those who are close to me, they know that I often do this in the form of some sort of alcoholic beverage.  This week, I needed a creative thank you for someone who came to the rescue when I was in a bit of a needed to find the perfect gift!

A little incident happened in my home that was a first after 7 years of living here.  A scorpion was in the house!   Upon seeing it strolling across the floor, I grabbed a clear glass (which, at the time, I thought was important for the photos I'd be taking) and I trapped it underneath it and let it sit there.  It sat frozen for hours.  Scorpion maintenance is not included in my realm of household duties.  This is something the hubby has always managed - and has been successful in keeping them from coming inside the house!   On this night of dreadful nights, he of course was not at home and gave specific instructions over the phone with what to do once I lifted the glass.  Yes, very simply, smash it.  After talking through it together, my fear of messing this up was enhanced and then our thoughts moved to having a giant scorpion loose in the house.  So, we both agreed that it would best to enlist a Hunter....aka....our neighbor.  I texted the wife with a photo of the horrible creature and she promptly sent him over.  It was dead in an instant with his quick foot smashing technique. 

The next day, it was time for me to head to Total Wine & More and find the perfect way to say thank you and, as usual, they came through.  There, I found Scorpion Amber Ale, crafted by Mudshark Brewery out of Lake Havasu City.  The Hunter was pleased when he learned this was waiting for him upon his return home from work!  His taste test results said that the Scorpion Amber Ale was "different, but good". 

Always remember your thank yous!  Even if it is a handwritten note.....and always enjoy trying new beers!

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