Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Restaurant Fun

As much as I love to cook, I also enjoy eating at restaurants.  And as much as my boys love some very popular fast food chains, I would prefer to not eat there! 

Now granted, although many of the restaurants we go to may have a menu for kids, they are also usually "boring" for kids - at least for mine.  I used to be the mommy with the diaper bag full of books and activities - then I got tired of lugging it around so now have a giant purse instead.  But - it is certainly not filled with any books or activities!

We are often those parents who resort to giving our kids our iPhones so that we can enjoy our wine without interruption.  Yep.  That's me.  The iPhones must go away once food arrives at the table (oh, and the pre-dinner bread that is often served doesn't "count").  But any salad or appetizer that arrives does count as food and is then shared as a family. 

We also like to practice "writing" with our little one.  Recently, we were at North, an excellent restaurant that is part of Fox Restaurant Concepts, and I snapped these shots with said iPhone.  Our server thought it was such a great idea and the hubby said, "hey, you should put that on your blog" - so here it is!  All you need is a bread plate, salt, pepper, and little fingers to practice their letters, numbers, and shapes!


  1. Great idea! Perfect to keep the troops entertained while waiting for their it's educational :)

    1. I know! My little one loves it! And he also loves making sure there is enough salt and pepper on the plate! :) Thanks for checking out my site! I continue to love yours!