Friday, April 20, 2012

Red Beer

A good friend of ours is a big fan of red beer - this is a unique drink often not found on cocktail menus - but is super easy to make and puts a smile on the faces of those red beer drinkers!  She always has a straw on hand for consumption, this definitely gives her a signature look with her drink that we all know and love!

This cocktail is often forgotten when hosting a party - so when planning an event, remember your red beer drinkers - don't forget the Clamato.....and don't forget the straws......


Red Beer
Makes 1 drink

12 oz beer (any lager is good, my friend enjoys a light beer)
6 oz Picante Clamato

Pour beer in a large glass.  Top off with Clamato.  Insert straw and enjoy!


  1. I LOVE the name of your blog!!! And this cocktail is new to me...I need to find if any of my friends are red beer fans and whip up a batch :) Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello~

  2. Thank you! You can also make this with regular tomato juice - but our friend is a fan of Clamato! I do follow your blog and love it! Thanks for checking out my site!

  3. WOW! This is really an amazing and attractive post about red beer cocktail. I appreciate your posted wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.

    1. Thanks Beerhat for checking out my site and for commenting on my Red Beer post! I hope you'll let me know what other recipes and cocktails you have tried! Thanks again!

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