Wednesday, March 21, 2012

McManis Chardonnay.....And Dining Al Fresco

While enjoying our beautiful weather today, my oldest son suggested we start eating our meals outside!  Something we normally do this time of year, but I hadn't taken the time to clean the table and chairs from the thick layer of dust that covered them, so I tried to push him off a little bit - it didn't work.  He, of course, insisted, so while dinner was on the stove, I quickly cleaned the table and chairs, grabbed an awesome bottle of Chardonnay out of the wine fridge and grabbed my camera.  Our dinner wasn't really blog worthy (spaghetti and meatballs) - but the wine was! 

This wine is from the Northern California winery, McManis Family Vineyards.   I first tried their wines at a wine tasting many, many years ago - it was a Sunday afternoon and I clearly remember that we were overserved!  From that point on, we continued to stock our fridge with their wines! 

All of their wines are excellent - tonight I enjoyed their 2010 Chardonnay. These are reasonably priced wines and well worth it - I hadn't had the Chardonnay in awhile, it was a screw top, which I didn't remember from before, but I'm completely OK with it - so long as the wine inside makes me happy!

I hope you try and enjoy!


  1. I gotta agree with you about McManns wines. I became addicted to them when I worked in a local wine store, I love their Syrah!!! I love dining outside, we do it almost year round in FL, that is why my wine fridge is on the pool deck :)

  2. The Syrah is one of the best - it was the first we tried and fell in love with!!!